Gobindopur Baroyari Puja Committee

Gobindopur Baroyari Puja Committee Puja Details
Club/Puja Committee Information

President/Chairman: Akash Ghosh

Working President: Subhankar Sadhukhan

General Secretary: Swarnendu Dey Sarkar

Secretary : Shayantan Mukherjee

Chief Organiser: Aloke Kr Mukherjee

Email Address: gobindopurbaroyari@gmail.com

Location: Hooghly


Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com /GobindapurBaroyariPujaCommittee

Theme Information (Year:2020)

Age of puja: 80

Theme of Puja: Simple

Theme Description:


Pratima Shilpi: Subir Kumar

Pandal : Subir Kumar

Lighting: Amar Majhi

Inauguration By:

Social Activity of Gobindopur Baroyari Puja Committee

Puja History of Gobindopur Baroyari Puja Committee

This Puja was started in the year of 1940. This the first puja in our village. This puja organized by a committee named as Gobidopur Baroyari Puja Committee. Every year this committee is formed in a meeting in our village. in every year puja conducted as per time duration in the Panjika.

Special Rituals of Gobindopur Baroyari Puja Committee

In this puja various events are given for the children so that they can enjoy the puja by playing various funny games. Various games are also there for the housewives as well as boys and girls so that they can also have some entertainment and they can aslo take part in the competition.

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