Park Circus Sarbojanin Durgotsab Organised By Uddipani

Park Circus Sarbojanin Durgotsab Organised By Uddipani

Park Circus Sarbojanin Durgotsab Organised By Uddipani Puja Details
Club/Puja Committee Information

President/Chairman: Mr Jiban Sen

Secretary : Dipak Ghosh, Abhimanyu Chowdhury

Email Address:

Location: Kolkata


Facebook Page: /PARK-Circus-Sarbojanin-Durgotsab-1589308017997318/

Theme Information (Year:2016)

Age of puja: 76

Theme of Puja: Ranger Bhelay Ranger Khela

Theme Description: Fusion of Orissa & Bengal Pat Shilpa

Theme-maker: Raju Sutradhar

Pratima Shilpi: Sri Kala Chand Rudra Pal

Pandal : Raju Sutradhar

Inauguration By: Seven Ladies from Old Age Home With Chairman Subrata Mukherjee and Jiban Sen

Information about Last year puja

Last Year Award: Bangiya Sahitya Parishad

Last Year Inaugurated By: Governor Of West Bengal

Social Activity of Park Circus Sarbojanin Durgotsab Organised By Uddipani

Blood Donation, Free Medical Checkup, Book Distribution

Puja History of Park Circus Sarbojanin Durgotsab Organised By Uddipani

The journey began during the last part of the Second World War when the British Raj was prevailing over undivided India. The freedom fighters were desperate to free mother India. Along with every part of the country, every corner of Bengal was chanting the hymns and worshiping the mother of Power – Devi Durga to make the country free.
Darga Road, a narrow street just in front of a wide spread green field of central Calcutta, very near to the house of Late Mr. Swrowardi, was also in the same mood. Some of the residents of that narrow street along with other residents of the locality which spread from that narrow street to the Muslim Burial Ground (the place is now known as Gobra) came together to start a new era by planning to worship Devi Durga-the goddess of power, so that every Bengali of that area can have some courage to fight against all odds to free their Motherland. The residents were mostly repartees from eastern part of Bengal, later known as East Pakistan.
In this way, the whole puja process was going on till the ultimate sacrifice of the freedom fighters made India free from two hundred years of British rule. In the year 1948 all the residents of the locality decided to worship Devi Durga in an ornamented way. Under the able leadership of Late Shri Shadhan Gupta all the residents came under one roof and Late Shri Pareshnath Sengupta became the first president of the puja. At that time the expense was Rs. Five Hundred Forty Eight and 10 Anna.

The most important event was the pandal, where all the members joined together, invested from their own pockets, purchased cloth from Barabazar and even colored them which paved the way of a successful Durga Puja. The pandal was constructed in between two premises, addressed as 25/2/13 and 25/2/1 Darge Road and the idol maker was the eminent patua Late Shri Moni Pal.
In later years many eminent persons ornamented the post of the President like Late Shri Susil Roy, Late Shri Sushil Ranjan Motayed, Shri Asit Ranjan Bose and the treasurer was Late Shri Naren Bhowmick.
The process was going on. The residents of the locality never took any initiative to take the puja to a larger scale. The officials never took any risk to make the puja bigger. The puja reached its 25th year that is Silver Jubilee. Residents now came together to make the puja a memorable one. One of the club members, Mr. Sudhanshu Dutta came forward and took the initiative to make a splendid pandal without using common materials. He, along with some of the younger club members constructed a pandal from bamboo foils, canes and clay. The club members appreciated the preparation and the effort given by Mr. Dutta to make the pandal a presentable one to the citizens of the locality. Almost all the members participated with their dynamic effort to make the pandal. For the first time a press coverage was given on the uniqueness of the pandal and almost all the newspapers commented on the pratima made by Late Shri Rakhal Chandra Rudra Pal. For the first time in Calcutta spectators saw Durga Ma wearing tiger skin and in complete 'Adibasi' glamour.
Another twenty five years gone and the budget never crossed Rupees one lakh. Anybody can understand the standard of puja at that time from this figure. Then came the historic moment of Golden Jubilee. In the year 1990 the younger members really thought of making the puja one of the best in the metropolis. For the first time Durga Puja Meeting was held on the day of Saraswati Puja. The residents of the locality were astonished to get an invitation card so early to attain the Durga Puja meeting. A memorable turnout in the meeting created the impression that something memorable would happen during the puja. Late. Mrs. Illora Majumdar and Mr. Kalyan Saha were the joint Secretaries and Shri Buddhadev Sen was the treasure of the said event. For the first time the Puja budget touched Rs.2.5 lakh. Pandal was made by the famous Karmibrinda and the pratima was made by Shri Mohan Banshi Rudra Pal who, at that time, was considered as an icon amongst the Patuas. In fact, as a professional, he won the famous Sarod Samman in his own field. The event was extremely successful and club members were also astonished to watch the innumerable footfall and huge press coverage. Door Darshan covered the event for the first time. The immersion procession was a memorable one, comprised of 15 club bands and 15 gates. For the first time Pratima was taken in Low Beded Trailer to balance its height. Residents of Park Circus understood that this puja was gradually coming forward in the rat race of the famous Durga Pujas of Calcutta.
The club members were so charged up that they understood they could also organize such big puja and thus gradually the puja became bigger and bigger. Several remarkable pandals were made like the Chatrak Temple, Dhabal Giri Temple of Orissa etc. During the Dhabal Giri Temple Pandal, the largest circulated vernacular daily and another leading English newspaper gave front page coverage of the event and wrote at length about the Puja. Innumerable number of spectators visited the pandal. For the first time Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic) came to control the public and on spot decided that from next year i.e. from 1991, the Puja to be shifted within the Park Circus Maidan, opposite to the Don Bosco School. A new history was created and a Durga Puja organized by the Uddipani club came to be known as Park Circus Sarbojanin Durgotsav.
Then came the era of 'Theme'. Like all other pujas of Kolkata, Uddipani also plunged into it. Several theme makers came and prepared theme pandal. The famous 'Bhanga Bari' was one of the historic pandals of Uddipani. All the leading newspapers of Kolkata gave excellent coverage and for the first time Uddipani engaged the Tollywood set artists to make their Puja pandal. Gradually, Uddipani Club became one of the elite clubs that won prizes like the Kallolini Kolkata Sarod Samman and Sarod Samman given by Kolkata Police at that time. Eminent amongst the theme makers engaged with Uddipani were Late Shri Jayanta Mukherjee who presented the famous theme of 'Baaro Mashe Tero Parban', Shri Satya Sharma who made a village of Bihar. Shri Bishnu Das (one of the panel artists of Late Shri Satyajit Ray for making sets) made the famous 'Pyramid', which was one of the outstanding pandals in the history of Uddipani's Durga Puja.
For the last five years this Durga Puja remained amongst the prize winning Pujas of the metropolis. For the last three years this Puja has been winning the prize of 'Bangya Sanskriti Parisad' for best Puja Environment. Last year, this puja won the Sarod Samman from the India Reality Green.
Many eminent personalities ornamented the post of our president. Central Cabinet Minister, Late Shri Tapan Sikdar was the president of this puja for ten years till he passed away. Shri Subrata Mukherjee, minister of the state govt. is presently the Chief Patron.
This year we are celebrating our Platinum Jubilee as we have travelled a long way to reach the seventy-fifth year. This year, we promise to present a puja which will be remembered for long long time. This was a cherished dream of our late President Shri Tapan Sikdar. He came to visit the puja while he was seriously ill, and expressed his feelings that this puja should be one of the best puja in the seventy fifth year whether he survives from his illness or not. We will work together in this venture and will try our level best to fulfill the wish of our late president and we will make this puja a remarkable and memorable one.

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  • Park Circus Sarbojanin Durgotsab Organised By Uddipani
  • Park Circus Sarbojanin Durgotsab Organised By Uddipani
  • Park Circus Sarbojanin Durgotsab Organised By Uddipani
  • Park Circus Sarbojanin Durgotsab Organised By Uddipani
  • Park Circus Sarbojanin Durgotsab Organised By Uddipani
  • Park Circus Sarbojanin Durgotsab Organised By Uddipani
  • Park Circus Sarbojanin Durgotsab Organised By Uddipani
  • Park Circus Sarbojanin Durgotsab Organised By Uddipani
  • Park Circus Sarbojanin Durgotsab Organised By Uddipani