Bhowanipur Sarbojanin Durgotsav

Bhowanipur Sarbojanin Durgotsav Puja Details
Club/Puja Committee Information

President/Chairman: Sekhar Sengupta

Working President: Sekher Sengupta

Secretary : Snehasish Kundu

Treasurer: Kalohas Ghose

Email Address:

Location: Kolkata

Website: http://bhowanipursarbojanindurgotsa

Facebook Page: /BhowanipurSarbojaninDurgotsav/

Theme Information (Year:2020)

Age of puja: 90

Theme of Puja: Sabeki

Theme Description: Na

Theme-maker: Na

Pratima Shilpi: Sanatan Rudra Pal

Pandal : Na

Lighting: Na

Inauguration By: 17th

Information about Last year puja

Last Year Award: Na

Last Year Inaugurated By: -

Social Activity of Bhowanipur Sarbojanin Durgotsav

We Do Is Regularly Donate The Needy People With Food And Necessities, Wheelchairs Etc. Every Year We Donate New Clothes To The Underprivileged Children And Old Age Home Inmates Of Shanti Ashram During The Puja. .. Durga Puja Is Not Only A 4 Day Celebration, And For Us It Is 365 Days Thinking And We Love To Do It. Sanitization During Puja Time

Puja History of Bhowanipur Sarbojanin Durgotsav

This Puja was started in the year 1931 by some enthusiastic and eminent people of that time. Barrister B. C. Ghose, N. C. Chatterjee, Sir. A. K. Roy were the noted persons, beside there were other people who took active participation in the puja. Presently the Puja is conducted by the descendents of the families that have started the puja.
This puja was mainly founded by the three families Ghose Chatterjee and Kundu. The members of KUNDU family like Subodh Chandra Kundu with his sons like Ram Chandra Kundu,Bharat Chandra Kundu, Dwarik Nath Kundu, and Chandra Nath Kundu took active participation in the management of the DURGA Puja. Their descendants are still now with us.
Theme is only there in Pandal. We do not reflect any theme on the DURGA Pratima.
We give Bhog on Saptami, Astami, Navami in large quantities. Bhog distribution is from the origin of our puja in 1931 and we still follow this rituals in 2018 also. Donations collected mainly from the family members,with a little help from the street collection and Advertising banners and hoardings.
In fact there is absolutely no political financial help.
We are always grateful to our President Sekhar Sengupta without his sincere help we could not have stepped into this grandeur in celebration of Durga Puja.
It is more than 20 years Sanatan Rudra Pal is our Idol maker.

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