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Head of Family: Smt. Chaitali Bhadra

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Email Address: englishhons.nirban.nandy@gmail.com

Location: Kolkata


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Theme Information (Year:2020)

Age of puja: 260

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Puja History of Dwarikanath Bhadra House

Ramanarayan Sen of Chinsurah shifted to Narail, now in Bangladesh around 1740.He was a merchant of pan, coconut, paddy and banana.As he was a gentleman and a very wise person as well, society confers him with the title of Bhadra, a Bengali word meaning gentle and wise. He started Durga puja at his house in taluk Kamalapur, now in Faridpore, Bangladesh in 1760.His grandson's son Dwarikanath Bhadra, one of the Dewans to Narail Dutta Roy dynasty and the tehshildar of Bhabrasur, Joynagar and Telihati parganas, was the most prominent person of the family. His grandson Kushalnath came to India after partition and the icon worship was stopped for some days and instead Patachitra worship introduced. Then it regained its glory.

Special Rituals of Dwarikanath Bhadra House

This Vaishnavite family is totally against animal sacrifice instead they worship small silver replicas of the ayudhas of the Devi followed by a minute of silence. In the time of Sandhipuja, this east Bengal family offers special pujas to the folk and village deities of Eastern Bengal including Dagu Bahurupi, Nistarini, Thanaki Thakroon, Manasa, Jhopot Thakur et al. Despite being a non-brahmin family, the family offers Annabhog to the deity and also offers Fish on Navami. The family believes on the principles of Shree Jagadbandhu Sundar and slogans "Ei Mormo Ek Dharma ". Their ancestral deity is Rai RadhaGovinda Jew, a couple icon of Radha and Krishna.

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  • Dwarikanath Bhadra House
  • Dwarikanath Bhadra House
  • Dwarikanath Bhadra House
  • Dwarikanath Bhadra House
  • Dwarikanath Bhadra House
  • Dwarikanath Bhadra House