Mukherjee Bari, Asansol

Mukherjee Bari, Asansol Puja Details
Family Information

Head of Family: Shri Gourikanta Mukherjee

Working President: Shri Subhas Mukherjee

General Secretary: Shri Barun Mukherjee

Puja Managed by: Shri Tarun Mukherjee

Chief Organiser: Shri Chirabrata Mukherjee

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Location: West Bardhaman(Paschim Bardhaman)


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Theme Information (Year:2021)

Age of puja: 170

Theme of Puja: Traditional

Theme Description: Traditional Ekchala

Theme-maker: Traditional

Pratima Shilpi: Shri Uttam Paul

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Social Activity of Mukherjee Bari, Asansol

Puja History of Mukherjee Bari, Asansol

This is a 170 years old puja, started by Shri Jongoleshwar and Shri Kuladacharan Mukherjee in the year 1850 in a village called Rajhat in Murshidabad District of West Bengal and since then the puja is being conducted following traditional way each year. Upon Mukherjee family's relocation to Asansol, the puja was held at the old location continuously without fail but considering the logistical hindrance, the puja also got shifted to Asansol by head of the family, Shri Gourikanta Mukherjee in the year 2011. Since then the puja is being conducted at new location.

Special Rituals of Mukherjee Bari, Asansol

Conducted in traditional way following all age old tradtions; like niramish annobhog on all days.

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