Kashi Bose Lane Durgapuja Committee

Kashi Bose Lane Durgapuja Committee Puja Details
Club/Puja Committee Information

President/Chairman: Kali Prasanna Bhattacharyya

Working President: Kali Prasanna Bhattacharyya

General Secretary: Somen Dutta

Secretary : Lokesh Choudhury/ Pradipta Nan

Chief Patron: Sudip Bandhyopadhyay

Email Address: kashiboselane@gmail.com

Location: Kolkata


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Theme Information (Year:2021)

Age of puja: 84

Theme of Puja:

Theme Description:


Pratima Shilpi:

Pandal :

Inauguration By: Expected C. M. Mamata Banerjee

Social Activity of Kashi Bose Lane Durgapuja Committee

Blood Donation, Eye Checkup Camp Dropped Due Covid-19 & Free Spectacles, Health Checkup Camp, All Bengal Sit And Draw Competition, Judges- Sanatan Dinda, Bimal Kundu, Bhabatosh Sutar, Partha Dasgupta. Judgement Completed Within 15 Min, Cultural Function, 1 Lakh Rupees Donation To C.m Care Fund, Umphun Aid Distribution

Puja History of Kashi Bose Lane Durgapuja Committee

Kashi Bose Lane Durga Puia Committee is known as one of the oldest “Barowari” (1937- Year of initiation). in North Kolltata (at Kashi Bose Lane KIT Park, formerly known as "Sudhir Multherjee Udyan"), continues the Durga puja till now with adding various dimensions to Kolkata Durga Puja Festival & enriches the significance of Bengali culture worldwide. This committee maintains the Bengali heritage strongly with our tradition & aristocracy. They have taken up pioneering leadership in whole Kolltata for distributing Bhogs" from "Shasthl" to “Nabami” for all visitors. It all started around 1937, just before 2nd World War. After the banning of Simla Bayam Samity, Swadeshis shifted their focus to this locality and joined local youngsters to start this pujo. 1985 onwards Kashi Bose Lane Pujo started a new treatment, from traditional pandals to pandals imitating famous structures, like Victoria Memorial Hall. Russian Parliament & Karnataka Assembly was two such imitations that got wide acclaim among the people. Later they switched to materialistic pandals like from paddy, poder of wood, etc. Most famous among them was the paddy version.

2011 onwards the Theme-er Pujo started and caught the attention of jurys & common people like ever before. Following many accolades came 2018. In 2018, this will be going to celebrate glorious 81st year to poise the projection to the masses & to develop a well entrenched tradition in Bengal rather in lndian soda-economic landscape for attracting visitors from far & wide and also for winning their hearts. The main objective of this puja is to provide the message of peace to the masses with endless joy. prosperity, love 8. happiness forever. This year for pandal and pratima has been designed and conceptualized by the famous Artist Shree Sanatan Dinda & Shree Pradip Das respectively.

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