Kankurgachi Mitali

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Email Address: mitali@mitalikankurgachi.com

Location: Kolkata

Website: http://www.mitalikankurgachi.com/

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com /MitaliKankurgachi

Theme Information (Year:2017)

Age of puja: 80

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Social Activity of Kankurgachi Mitali

Blood Donation Camp, Annual Sports etc

Puja History of Kankurgachi Mitali

Long 77 years ago in an auspicious moment of the year 1936, a handful of young enthusiasts had began a journey-a mission to accomplish their creation, a sense of identity that would enable them to integrate themselves and thus Sitalatala Sarbajonin Durgotsab organized by Mitali (Kanurgachi) came into existence and launched upon its carrier. At the initial stage when the organization was struggling hard against version odds to preserve its mere existence, the tireless efforts of devoted members came as a welcome relief and it enable the organization to be founded on a sound footing.

“Victory will be our aim, A path of peace we will tread; Devotion is our ideal and confidence be our identity.”

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