Bakulia Bhattacherjee Bari

Bakulia Bhattacherjee Bari Puja Details
Family Information

Head of Family: Amit Kumar Bhattacherjee

Working President: Aayush Bhattacherjee

General Secretary: Poojaa Bhattacherjee

Puja Managed by: Pratima Bhattacherjee

Chief Organiser: Late Ashim Kumar Bhattacherjee

Chief Patron: Poojaa Bhattacherjee

Email Address:

Location: Hooghly


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Theme Information (Year:2021)

Age of puja: 431

Theme of Puja:

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Pratima Shilpi:

Pandal :

Inauguration By: Ashim Kumar Bhattacherjee

Social Activity of Bakulia Bhattacherjee Bari

Dhunuchi Nach

Puja History of Bakulia Bhattacherjee Bari

The Puja started from 991 Bengali year during the rule of Krishnachandra.

Special Rituals of Bakulia Bhattacherjee Bari

In our Puja we give the goddess, Bhog everyday of 65 items in lunch time and everyday Luchi and sooji is given and we also do Bali of sugarcane, banana and White pumpkin.

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