A-10 Sub Block, Kalyani, Nadia

A-10 Sub Block, Kalyani, Nadia Puja Details
Club/Puja Committee Information

President/Chairman: Mr. Anil Pal

Working President: Mr. Avijit Paul and Mr. Debesh Chakraborty

Secretary : Mr. Debanjan Sengupta & Mr. Sukanta Sil

Chief Patron: Mr. Amar Dhar

Email Address: debanjansengupta@hotmail.com

Location: Nadia


Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com /A10durgapujaofficial/

Theme Information (Year:2021)

Age of puja: 38

Theme of Puja:

Theme Description:


Pratima Shilpi:

Pandal :

Inauguration By:

Social Activity of A-10 Sub Block, Kalyani, Nadia

Firstly we have a new committee for puja every year that is selected by the local people in a general meeting. So in this time of one year the committee arranges the puja along with some social activities where we donate some clothes to unprivileged people, also we donates clothes, foods to our DHAKI,WORKERS etc.

Puja History of A-10 Sub Block, Kalyani, Nadia

The Puja has been started in the year 1984 with only 16 families of our A-10 sub block. Later it got increased and this year we have almost 400 houses with around 500 families including tenants. This is the 35th year of our Puja but this is the first time we are introducing any theme. All these year it wasn’t a theme but the heartwarming feeling was always there. We have a get together in lunch in usually NABAMI at the Julien Day School premises opposite our pandel and we all together have “MAYER BHOG”. Also we arrange BIJAYA SANMILONI & KALI PUJA in the same budget. Whatever it is, we all want to enjoy a lot together. That is our moto for every year.

Special Rituals of A-10 Sub Block, Kalyani, Nadia

Candel,Shonkho,Dhunuchi Competetion at Nabami Night every year.

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