About Durga Puja

Durga Puja holds a special place in the heart of all Bengalis. It is a major event in Bengal’s social calendar and is waited for eagerly all the year round. During the five days of the festivities Bengal unites in celebrations and Calcutta becomes the focal point of this exhilaration.

It is the season to rejoice, to celebrate the victory of good over evil, to indulge in mindless festivities and to participate in age-old rituals. Goddess Durga is welcomed into the family fold in a frenzy of sights and sounds as devotees vie with each other to catch a glimpse of the resplendent goddess . The mesmerizing beats of the plumed dhaks (drums), the hypnotic sounds of the conch shells, people dressed in all their finery, the sight of the proliferating kaash flowers and heady scent of the sheuli flowers, blinking lights, appetizing aroma of sweets and other delicacies and elaborately decorated pandals all herald her arrival and build up the frenzy.

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